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Why do you keep doing the same shipping practices and getting the same results, "umm Charles doesn't that define insanity"? Now my intentions aren't aimed to offend anyone (except myself perhaps), however the US Department of Transportation promoted it best saying "you can learn a lot from a dummy". Look I've tried being cheap, I've tried being ordinary and I've tried being naïve but to no avail.


Nearly every company that utilizes sales representatives or agents undertakes some sort of sales training program. They generally review possible telephone scripts, presentations, and how their particular product or service is superior to its competition. Despite this, the effort often ends up being somewhat incomplete because it rarely distinguishes in their agents' minds, the difference between someone merely being in sales, as opposed to selling.


Selling will be easy, if your prospect can see that the value he can get from your product is greater than the price he will be paying. Your job as a salesperson would simply be helping your prospect understand how this can be possible. Emphasize on the benefits and paint a picture in your prospect's mind how he could be enjoying the product after committing to the purchase.


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